I am 22 years old and love books. I am currently in college which takes up a lot of my time. I am going to school for broadcasting and art. I decided to make this blog so I can share my love for books.

What can you except to find here at this blog? Well of course the main reason is to review, haul, and talk about books. But every now and then I will throw in a music review or a movie review. My goals for this blog are for the enjoyment of others and to have a small hobby in the days that I have nothing to do. Expect a new post once a week, every Wednesday. Sometimes I may post more than once a week but I promise to have something once a week every Wednesday.

I promise to always tell the truth. I know that the internet is a vast place and there are places that are not credible but I will always show my sources if I use any. This blog is opinion based but I will not tell you a book is good when it wasn’t just to please a publisher.

I am not getting paid to do this blog. I am a normal everyday working college student. I do hope that one day I may receive free books from publishers to review and talk about on this blog but I do not except that to happen for a while and when it does like I said before I will always be honest about how I feel about a book and never talk about a book in a good way just because a publisher asks.

I hope you enjoy my blog 😀


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