Books into Reality.

I know when I read I try to make the characters of a book look like they are described. But my blond haired emerald eyed hunk is defensibly different than my best friends blond haired emerald eyed hunk. And that is where some of these books that are being turned into movies or TV shows have issues with how to please their audience. Another issue that comes about is how the audience expects the movie to be spot on with the book. Recently the idea of the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare has rumored around the internet space that instead of continuing the books be turned into movies, they may be becoming a TV series. This is what I want to talk about today. Please note as we explore this world of books turning into media that my opinion and ideas are not going to be everyone’s opinion and idea.

Lets start with the first book to movie transformation I had ever seen. This of course was Harry Potter. Even though the Harry Potter movies left something’s out from the books to make sure that the movies were not 4 hours long I thought that the character look alkies were pretty spot on. The acting was close to perfect and of course the use of special effects made the world come to life. Even thought the Harry Potter movies were great and created a Harry Potter reality, it also created a untold standard of movies. And thanks to Harry Potter some movies just fail at becoming as great as they could.

Take Twilight for a example. I loved the Twilight books. Sure it wasn’t the best book out there but the simple story line dragged me in and kept me hooked. However when the movie came out my dreams of Edward Colin were crushed because Edward was not the Edward I thought this sexy, shiny, handsome, blood craving vampire God would look like. My standards for the Twilight movies were high because I was hoping that the actors would look like the characters, the acting would be good and the special effects would be like Harry Potter. I do think the Twilight movies redeemed themselves in Breaking Dawn part 2 but I currently do not own any of the movies, unlike the Harry Potter movies.

Let’s look at the Hunger Games. I wanted the Hunger Games to be so much better than it was. Jennifer Lorene does make a great Katniss and they hit the plot and special effects spot on. But what really made me mad about the Hunger Games was the little things that would maybe cost $5 to change. For example when Katniss goes to get the feast item in the arena the bags in the movie did not look like the bags in the book. In the book the bags were different colors and different sizes. In the movie they were all the same size and all the same color. This is SUCH a small detail that it pisses me off that they couldn’t get it right.

I wish there was a way for use readers to give our two cents about these things that make us mad about books turned into movies. It could help the producers figure out how to go about the movies. Here’s an example: when a announcement about a book being made into a movie comes out let us vote on who should be the lead. Even if it isn’t a actor or actress we know let us help make the decision of what that character looks like. Because honestly us as readers have spent way more daydreams on these characters then a producer who had never heard of the book. Small details are as important as the big details and you can male a great film without all the scenes as long as you do it right.


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