Nanowrimo 2014: Brain Storming

To start off any type of writing one of the best things you can do to help yourself is to brain storm. Lots of us have been taught how to brain storm in elementary schools. But no one really taught us what was the best way to brain storm. The answer is there is not a right or wrong way to brain storm. Some people like lists. Some people like outlines. Me? I like to web out my ideas. Sure this seems a bit chaotic to do but my characters are chaotic so I guess it fits them the way I brain storm them.


We are always thinking meaning we are always coming up with new ideas. The best way to hold onto these ideas for later is to write them down because trust me, after school and the family coming in for Thanksgiving you are not going to remember that you wanted your main charter to find a puppy. SO WRITE IT DOWN. I personally love sticky notes. You can write the idea down and stick it right onto your computer or paper or even in the book you are reading so that when you look back there is your idea right in your face.
Another thing you can do is write in the margins. Write little notes about what your charter is feeling or any ideas or places you want to go in this part of your book. That way when you come back to that scene and want to add more you can see your notes and go “oh ya, he hates dogs.”

Remember to write. Even if you are stuck just write. Write about your day if you have to. The more you write the more it will come to you. Just give it time.

Lastly write down your goals as you go. I have one goal write now and that is to write 1,500-2,ooo words a day for 30 days. WRTE IT DOWN. Sure it may seem silly but when you are stuck and saying “I can’t do this. I give up.” You can look at your goals and think “well 1,500 words is like a page so I could try to write one more page.”

So all in all THINK. Never stop dreaming and never stop creating. Maybe one day your name will be on everyone else’s mind and you will be the inspiration.


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