Review: HarperCollins

If you follow my Instagram, then you may already know about my issue with Shatter Me by Tehereh Mafi. To be honest I have nothing against this book. I was enjoying it and hoping to finish it right before Dewey’s 24 hour read-a-thon in October. I was only 100 pages away from finishing when I discovered my book was misprinted. Instead of chapters 37 – 41 I had a extra set of chapters 32 – 36.
And now don’t get me wrong misprints happen now and then. We can’t all be perfect and publishers make so many books to be sent out that it’s bound to happen.
But what made me upset was how HarperCollins went about the way to replace a misprint.
I bought Shatter Me on Amazon in August. However I was not able to read it right away. Amazon’s return policy is 30 days which also means I could not return my copy and get a new one for them. Not knowing what I should do I went ahead and emailed Tahereeh Mafi. Now her website did say she was bad about getting back to emails so her not responding to my email was not why I became so mad.
I waited a week before trying Tahereh’s publicist that was listed on her website for special orders. I did not know if this person could help me but in my email I asked if they could point me in the right directions of who to contact. Not even a minute later my email bounced back saying that the email was non existent. This did frustrate me a little because all I wanted was to talk to someone who could tell me what to do. I didn’t know that was such a hard thing to ask for.
When the email bounced back I decided to go to the publisher HarperCollins. I did not know who to contact for this issue because in their customer service page there was 5 different people to contact for different issues and misprints were not one. So I decided to contact the customer service person for general questions.
I got a response right away however the email was not customer friendly. They asked for ISBN number, my name, address and phone number. And then stated that I needed to return my book from place of purchase and get a replacement through whoever I purchased my book from.
This pissed me off.
1. I understand needing the ISBN number but without telling me WHY you needed my address and phone number makes me nervous. I do not want to be in a database that I do not know about. DO NOT ASK ME FOR PERSONAL INFORMATION WITHOUT TELLING ME WHY YOU NEED IT. Seriously this is like a golden rule of the internet.
2. I can’t return my book from place of purchase because I bought it over two months ago. And what if this was a gift? Am I going to have to say to my grandma “hey this book you bought months ago for my birthday needs’ to be returned because it was misprinted and that’s what the publisher wants. Sorry Grandma.”?
After I gave them the information they needed I received this email.
Really? A “One time curtsey” replacement on a mistake THAT WAS YOUR’S? It isn’t like I went to Amazon and asked for a misprint copy! When I purchased my book I was hoping to read all the way through it. Not stop at chapter 36!
I am sorry HarperCollins that your policy for a MISTAKE ON YOU leads a customers to have to return an item that they spent their hard earned money one to get a replacement. Really? IT WAS YOUR MISTAKE NOT MINE!
I did receive my replacement copy within a week after I talked to customer service so the timely manner of me receiving the book was good. But the fact that it was such a headache to get a replacement makes me so frustrated with this publisher that I do not want to do business with them anymore.
But I will because I need to read the rest of the Shatter Me series and I am sure they will publish more young adult books that I will read.
Though I will make sure next time to NOT ASK HARPERCOLLINS FOR ANYTHING.
I am going to go pet my puppy now to de-stress. Thank you for reading my rant.


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