Review: The Young Elites


Oh my god. Words cannot describe how many feels I am feeling right now. This book.

Let’s start with my rating. I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars. I did not know much about what this book was about other than it’s main character is a villain.

I put this book down many times because I wanted our main character, Adelina, to do the right thing. And it made me feel the feels because she tried to-do the right thing so many times and it just didn’t work out for her.

We follow the story of Adelina who was struck with a plaque that left her scared. Many others were scared to from this plaque and some even developed abnormal abilities. Adelina runs away from home when she discovers that she too has some abnormal abilities.

She is accused of her fathers death and therefore is suppose to be killed when the young elites come and take her under their wing. They train her and show her as much as they can what she can become. But things go wrong and shit literally hits the fan.

The only problem I had with this book was that there was A LOT of back story. And the back story was usually the same. It made the book boring in the beginning. I understand the need of back story but there was just to much.

I also put this book down a lot because I would get so mad at Adelina so expect to get mad at her. lol. this didn’t ruin the story it just made me mad.

The ending though oh my god. ALL THE FEELS TIMES 100!

I need the next book right now or I literally may die.


So I never have done a spoiler type thing but for those of you who have read the young elites I wanted to know if your prediction is the same as mine so if you are still reading this and have not read the young elites this is your last warning to not look beyond this point I really do not want to spoil anything but I do want others input. Do you think a certain main character will come back and turn bad?


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  1. Spoilers↓
    I definitely think he’ll come back, the main purpose of the epilogue was to show exactly what happens once they come back and what’s in store for him. I was so shocked when he died! I’m so scared and excited to see what happens to him, I really don’t want what happened to the princesses brother (or whatever he was to her) happen to him but it most likely will. I’m pretty sure Adelina is gonna find the princess and help him come back


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