Reviewing 101

So I have had this blog for almost a month and a week now. And I love it. When I first started this blog I was scared and nervous that it would be awful and that no one would look at it or that I wouldn’t have good enough reviews or that I would forget to come on a post every week which left this place empty and sad.

But for one month I have been blogging hardcore!

My goal when I started this blog was to have a post up once a week. I figured that it would be easier with school to focus on a post once a week. I did that for about a day before I started to blog everyday. I learned that I usually have something I can talk about and I can always schedule my posts to appear on certain days that way I do not have to worry about coming on and making sure my post is up.

I think what I have learned the most is reviewing is hard.

Reviewing is not a book report where you tell everything that happened in a book because then you spoil others. I hate spoilers and will never ever spoil a book for anyone ever even if my life depended on it. So then it comes down to what I can tell you about why a book is so great.

I try to leave my good reads star rating in the beginning. This helps me lead into the list of pros and cons about a book. Now I have never read a perfect book. Ok maybe Harry Potter. But other than that I do not believe in the perfect book. Each book is going to have its flaws. And as a reviewer if I do not like a book it is not my goal to throw you with all the flaws a book has. I try to make sure my reviews have a balanced good and bad.

Now I also have to keep in mind that not everyone reads like me. In fact I don’t think anyone reads a book like me because I interrupt books differently than everyone else. So I learned in my reviews to make sure to tell you what kind of book it is. Is it dystopian? Romantic? Horror? This helps my viewers say “I hate horror so I do not think I will like this book.” Or something along those lines. My goal is to help you find a great book to sink into.

I think this is the hardest of all the things a reviewer has to do because not everyone who views my reviews is going to have a open mind. And I can’t get upset when someone disagrees with me.

So in conclusion to this small rant, reviewing is harder then I thought it was but now that I have been doing it for a month I think I am starting to get the hang of it and hope that I help you as a viewer find a awesome book to read. 😀


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