Don’t Read Between the Lines

Today I wanted to talk about something that I see just about every reader do. And yes even I do this. That is why we need to sop reading and comparing books to other books. Each book is a different story unless it is a parody of a certain book. Other than that we as readers need to stop comparing books to each other.

If I told you I just read a book about a boy who is a wizard and goes to school for wizards most of us will say HARRY POTTER. And we keep this bar of what wizard boys at school have to be. If they are not Harry Potter than we don’t want to dive into the story.

One book that I have seen a lot of companions too is The Hunger Games. Sure some of these dystopian books have some same ideas such is a populations of a country or state divided into sectors or districts. Maybe these districts are numbers. And when you read this most of us think THE HUNGER GAMES. After we discover that there is maybe one or two things the same we get turned off from the book, closing the story. Even though the story is going to be completely different.

Now even I am guilty of this. I, last month read Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Now people were telling me that the story line is the same as Twilight. Which is a good way to describe the book. But the book is not Twilight at all. It is completely different and even though many of us have compared the Lux series to Twilight we do not realize that some people now are not going to read this series because they hated Twilight.

So how do we avoid this? I say don’t avoid it completely. We need something to keep people interested in these books so instead of saying “it was like” how about “it reminds me of.”

And also the people who are looking in these books need to remember that two story’s are never alike.


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