Review: Mockingjay Part 1

I have seen Mockingjay part 1 twice now and have a lot of pros than cons about it. I really enjoyed mockingjay both times and thought they did a really great job on it. As book lovers a lot of us can not make up our minds on mockingjay. Some of us thought the book was to short and then thought the movie was to long. I personally loved the book except the last 20 or so pages and I really loved the movie and thought they did a wonderful job.

District 13 was everything I had thought it was and so much more. The characters not only Katniss and Peeta where made so well. But I thought they did a wonderful job on Peetas face as he changed, especially in the last few scenes. Bravo to whoever was Peeta’s make-up artist.

I loved the extra scenes they added. It gave the movie even more action and we got to see how the rebels where rebelling instead of just having someone say “blah blah rebel attacks blah blah…” you actually get to see them. Each attack made my heart skip a beat. They where wonderfully done.

Jennifer Lawerence in my eyes was flawless of course.

The only scene I really wish had been done with more emotion was when Finnick confessed what he was to the capital. I feel like that was such a shocking part in the book that I was hoping to have the same shock factor in the movie but I didn’t.

I wish the movie hadn’t ended. I could have sat there for 2 more hours to see the rest of it. Now I have to wait a year. 😦 But I have a feeling that Part 2 is going to be so freaking good!

The last very small thing I had a issue with was the title. Unlike all movies where the title comes out in nice letters with a theme song announcing the movie is starting, the title was represented in normal Times Roman Font. Nothing special. That really pissed me off. This is a awesome movie and it deserves a normal opening title scene. I feel like it was just laziness behind the title. This isn’t a movie at sun dance and I’m not spending $12.50 for nothing.

Overall if we are talking on a goodreads scale (5 being the highest) I give the movie Mockingjay Part one a 4.95 out of 5 stars.


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