Review: Omega Ruby (so far)

This is a review of Pokémon Omega Ruby because that is the one I bought and it is up to the very last gym because I have not gone to the league yet.

I have really enjoyed the game. This is the first remake I have played and I love it. I don’t know if I love Pokémon X better though. I think they are both equally good.

The remake graphics are beautiful. I really like the new thing where you can actually physically locate Pokémon. They pop up in grass and you can tip toe to them. These Pokémon usually have some special aspect to them weather it be their level or a special move. I don’t use this feature much because I am inpatient but I really think its unique instead of mindlessly walking around grass.

Of course wonder trade is there which I was worried they would take away. I love wonder trade yo!

Soooo I was dumb and went the whole game without my starters mega stone. You get the mega stone around routine 120 (says the internet) and the whole time I had it in my bag and didn’t even no….oops.

Other than being inpatient and not reading I think the best thing about Ruby so far has been the secret bases. They are awesome! I am so happy they brought back the bases. 😀 And with the great graphics it really makes them fun.

Also cosplay Pikachu is so cute I have to have him on my team. I really want to dress my other Pokémon up. Please add this feature!

And the last thing I have to say about it that seemed to confuse some of my friends is the eon ticket and flute. When you beat the legendary after the last gym badge you are presented with the eon flute. EVERYONE GETS A EON FLUTE. This allows you to use the flying ability with Latias or Latios. The eon ticket you MUST get through street pass. This allows you to go to a island with rare Pokémon.

If we are going by goodreads scale (5 being the best) I give Omega Ruby 5 out of 5 stars. I really am enjoying it. And from what I have heard the after plot is really good too. I am hoping to finish the next plot in this game over winter break so look for that review coming soon!


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