eBooks Vs. Real Books

In November I started to read my first eBook on my iPad. I chose to read this eBook because at the time the physical copy of the book wasn’t available on Amazon or book stores in America. This post is not about the book itself though. I did do a full review on this book if you want to read my thoughts you can find them here.

But I wanted to talk about and rant on the idea of eBooks and someone with a vision impairment.

I as a small child hated to read. It wasn’t because of the books. It was because I got awful migraines from staring at the words for so long. As I grew up my eyes never became “better.” They have always been bad to the point that I am 22 years old now and legally blind. This means in my state in America they accept that I can see but that I struggle with tasks as if I where blind. This also means I can get anything that will help be with basic human functions.

Though I am stubborn. I always have been. In elementary school they tried to get me to use a computer that would magnify my textbook on the screen. I never used it. In high school they tried to teach me brail which I did enjoy learning but ever since I graduated high school I have forgotten and have not used brail.

Here’s the thing. My headaches and migraines from reading or staring at a computer screen or TV screen have never went away. I have just learned to know when enough is enough and that I need a break.

With eBooks I had no clue.

I started to read this eBook just like a normal book. And I was enjoying it. But once I stopped reading I was done for the day. My migraines where so bad that I would try to sleep them off.

Here’s the problem. Now that I know that the eBooks give me headaches I don’t really want to read eBooks now. But we are in this age where eBooks are the new thing. Authors are making eBooks for series left and right.

Sure maybe I can request copies of books from publishers explaining my problem but that would be a lot of books to have to publish for me.

I wish I liked eBooks but after this experience I don’t. Maybe I will get use to them or figure something out. But right now I do not like eBooks. I am sorry for those who do. But I rather not feel pain when I read unless it is on the feels level.


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