Music Monday: Jenna

So I almost did not post today because I posted yesterday and I normally do not post on Sundays. But I really wanted to do a Music Monday. My second issue was I did not want to post Christmas music this week. The Christmas playlist is coming next week! So instead I wanted to introduce you to a new singer who is close to me. I do not want to tell you my thoughts on this singer because I feel I am bias since I personally know this person. I would rather you discover your own opinion about her and hope that if you like her you will share videos and vines with your friends and help her out.

I would like you to meet Jenna. She is my best friends sister and has recently started to put her name out their with a few YouTube videos and vines and also a few open mike nights here in Colorado. I have a few of my favorite YouTube and Vine videos down below that I hope you will view.  😀


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