Review: Pokemon Ruby Part 2

So I finally finished Pokemon Ruby.

Right after you are give the eon flute you can use the new flying aspect of latias or latios I really like this feature. One thing to know is that when you use the eon flute and you are flying around, there will be spots with a star like shape above them. I didn’t know this part so just a heads up, if you find a black hole and go through it there is a legendary in there that you can only find once.

After I did the black holes I went to the league. It wasn’t hard to beat the league. I think the league was harder in X then in Ruby.

Right after you beat the league and become the champion you are thrown into the second plot which I enjoyed. I wish there was less back and further from two different towns though and that the plot was longer and maybe a little more challenging. Of course you can go through the second plot by bike but I used the eon flute.

Overall if we are on a goodreads scale (5 being the best) I give Pokemon Omega Ruby a 4 and a half out of 5 stars.


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