Updates: New This Year

Well hey there. Long time no see. I am sorry for being away these last few weeks. I got a new job and have been exhausted when I come home but I am still here and should hopefully be getting back to everyday posting on here and instagrma.

Holy cow January is almost gone. Which means Fifty Shades of Grey the movie will be out soon and I still haven’t read that book…oops/ So ya I have a lot of reading to do in these last few days in January. I have two books to read for review and I wanted to read Fifty Shades of Grey before the movie comes out. The good news is I am out of the small reading slump that started last month and am quickly reading a few last minter TBR books for this month.

One new thing this year I want to do with my blog is move music Mondays to the end of the month. I am worried that I will repeat a lot of songs on music Mondays if I did it each week so I thought why not do music Mondays where we look at what is hot that month in musicville. Of course if something cool catches my eye I will post special music Mondays that are not at the end of the month for like holidays or if Jennifer Lawrence sings again. I want to make sure I keep you guys updated on music since I love music and that’s what I like to do but you can find your regularly scheduled music Mondays post on the last Monday of the month from here on out until I decided to change it up again.

So I think that is about it for now. Happy reading!

P.S my birthday is in 3 months and I am counting down! 😛


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