Updates and BookTube Videos

Hey there!

I know his month has been up and down with me trying to stay on updating things and I want to say sorry for not being on but I have done one thing awesome over this weekend. I updated my BookTube channel! I only had one video up from the beginning of this month and now I have a few more so if you want go check those out I will link them all below.

Just a few updates I do plan on having a blog, instagram, twitter, and booktube combined giveaway for my birthday in April so look forward to that! I will be choosing a book or books to giveaway this month!

I am so behind on my goodreads challenge that I need to read 20 books in March! Yikes! So I want to do a mini read-a-thon in he middle of march to try to catch up on reading goals so look for information for that if you want to join me! 😀




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