I struggle with introductions, something I don’t bother trying to hide anymore. I am Benji, and I was invited to the blog to do reviews of my own. It is hard for me to get past the feeling that I’m imposing on someone else’s space, but I know that I’m wanted here as I was invited, and so I am working my way to get past that fear. I am very excited at doing some reviews, so I figure I may as well post as soon as possible. The longer I prolong it, the longer I have to wait to jump to the reviews. Right? Right. Makes sense. 

I guess the best place to start is usually the boring stuff. I’m 24 years old, trans, blond hair, blue eyes, and I like walks in the park… I, also, have a tendency to use dry humor when I’m anxious or otherwise nervous. I’m passionate about many things. Particularly animals, psychology, sociology, history, writing, and reading.When I speak of the things I am passionate about, I have a tendency to ramble. You’ll need to forgive me for this. Because of this tendency, some reviews can end up long winded and wordy. I have what many of my psychology and sociology instructors and professors referred to as a sociologists mind. I question everything, I pick things apart, I think about the bigger picture – and evaluate how every small thing (that may seem insignificant) affects every other small thing, and even the big things. Nothing, in my eyes, is insignificant. This often affects how I review things. More on that in a minute.

 First, what I review. I actually don’t have a long history of reviewing. I have a lot of opinions about the things I read, and the things I view, but actually reviewing them isn’t something I’ve made a hobby of until recently. I spend most of my free time (when I’m not writing or walking, anyway) reading, and so most of my reviews will probably be books. The genres I am interested in are wide and varied. It is actually easier to list the genres I’m not interested in. Which is romance and vampires. Together, separate, I don’t care. I feel the latter is overdone and seldom done to my preference, and the former just does not work for me. The only exception I make for romance is when it is LGBT. Of course I do have my favorite genres, but those change as frequently as the season. Currently, they happen to be horror and dystopian. Who knows what they’ll be come fall, however. I may review movies, as well. I do love my movies. The genres I do like where movies are concerned is much smaller. Horror, young adult novel turned movie, fantasy, action (sometimes), and children’s movies (you may have noticed the Olaf avatar). As with books, I’m not big on romance, and comedy tends to get an even lower rating than romance. I am willing to do requests, but I do struggle with chronic illness. Without going into much detail about what said illness is, I will only say that it often affects my cognitive functioning. This stinks because it causes poor memory and poorer concentration. So, reading a novel can be time consuming sometimes. 

I suppose I’ll conclude the post by talking a bit more about how I review. As I mentioned earlier, I tend to view things with the perspective of a sociologist. My reviews may reflect that. For example, I frequently notice when all the female characters in a novel feel exactly the same. I will notice if the gay character is a cliche. I will notice if all the men seem to have one thing on their mind. I will notice these things, they will make the experience less enjoyable for me, and I will point it out. Of course, i do read for enjoyment. Why else would I read? For that, I tend to focus more on writing style, world development, and character development. 

So, um, I guess that’s it for now. Looking forward to reviewing here, as the main administrator and I are really close. It’ll be my first time blog-reviewing, but I’m excited.


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