Joshua’s Island Review

This month I was given a eBook copy of Joshua’s Island by Patrick Hodges for a honest review. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars. I really enjoyed this book.

We follow the story of Joshua who for three years is bullied in his school while everyone pretends not to see what is happening, including the principle. On the first day of eighth grade, in science class, Joshua is partnered up with a popular girl named Eve. Eve has heard so awful things about Joshua from her classmates but when she sees how Joshua is being bullied, she starts to wonder how much of the things she heard is true. Eve discovers that rumors are really bad lies and decides that she would rather be a nobody than a somebody.

I did not like the duel points of view in the beginning of the book. The duel points of view felt like they were being repeated between the characters. Toward the middle of the book the duel points of view became much better We started to see more of Eve and who she was. Of course I think most people will associate with Joshua especially if you have been bullied and picked on. I do wish there was a little more about Eve.

I loved the ending of this book and almost cried. This book is a middle grade novel and is a very fast read. It focuses on bullying and bullying awareness. I think everyone of all ages should read this book.

Thank you Patrick for the opportunity to read this awesome book and I can’t wait to read more of you books!