My first “DNF”

Awakening by Shannon Duffy. I received this book by the publisher for a honest review. I was really excited about this book since it has been compared to The Hunger Games and Divergent. It sounded like a really good story to me and was happy to get a copy for review.

I have never officially DNFed or Did Not Finish a book before. Usually because I have issues and can not get rid of books. I usually just place them back on my shelf in hope that one day I will read them. It is in a way, sad because I really wanted to like this book but also a relief because now I do not have to force myself to read something that to me was not that good. I did try to read this book. I got half way threw it before setting the book down in May in search of a book that was fast past.

Now here we are 3 months later and I have tried to pick this book up in hope that I can finish it but just feel angry with it because I can not get into ti.

I am sadly DNFing this book. It was the worst book I have read all year and i just can not get back into this world. Every other page there where spacing mistakes that made sentences run togetherlikethis. The main character was annoying and not very smart. She wasn’t a strong main character and was hard to believe. She also was very gullible in believing everything she heard. The “Villain” never made sense when we saw him. The world was hard to believe. This was just not my cup of tea at all. After setting this book down I just can not get back into it nor do I care how it ends.

Maybe one day in the future I will listen to this book on audio book or if it becomes a movie go see it. But as far as reading this book for right now it just is not gonna happen. I gave this book 1 out of 5 stars.


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