Benji And Ashley’s Reviews – Clockwork Angel

Normally, I cut and paste my reviews from Goodreads to post here. However, I am not entirely happy with my Goodreads review, so I am going to post a new review for this one.

My other review can be read here

I am going to condense this review a bit, as I have sorted through my feelings regarding the book. The Goodreads review was written the same day I finished it, so I had less time to reflect.

I started reading Clockwork Angel having never read any of Cassandra Clare’s novels prior. I have no experience with The Mortal Instruments despite their popularity, and it was my first time learning about the Shadow World. As such, I didn’t quite know what to expect from this book. I was pleasantly surprised by it. Many of the complaints I have noticed reference how her characters in this trilogy are too similar to the characters in her other work(s). Being that Clockwork Angel is the only book I have read so far, I can neither agree nor disagree with such claims. I do hope that the reviewers are exaggerating, however, because I really enjoyed her characters. I felt like each one had a unique personality, and that each was well rounded. None of them felt like they were too perfect or too imperfect, and they all felt believable. I love how Tessa grew stronger from the beginning to the end, and I love how she made me want to know more about Will’s past. I am hesitant to ever read The Mortal Instruments now, because I don’t want my love for the characters in this book to shatter upon realizing they may be carbon copies.

Tessa was supposed to be the main character – the heroine – but I truly feel as though this was not her story. This is Will and Jem’s story. They are the two who shine the most, the two who kept me wanting to read more. The only involvement I felt in regards to Tessa was curiosity about how she came to be. I eagerly await being able to read the next book as I truly do want to know. More than any of that, though, I want to know what becomes of Jem, and what happened to Will. Each of them have such an intriguing back story that that alone kept me turning the pages. The book has a few slow chapters, but Clare makes up for that in plot twists. She keeps those coming, which made me want more.

Not much bothered me about this book. I can be quite nit-picky, so that truly is an accomplishment. The only things I found that I felt I wanted to complain about where that a) she uses way too many metaphors and similes. Her use of them detracts from the writing, and was quite frankly annoying at times. And b) her action scenes felt lackluster. She made up for the latter with well timed plot twists, and well thought out plotting. I did not see the end coming, and could not have predicted it. My only other complaint is that the epilogue was one giant freaking cliffhanger that felt unnecessary and tacked on to ensure I’d buy the next book. I would have done that anyway.

As always, I sympathised with the characters I wasn’t supposed to. I have a bad habit of siding with the bad guys. I cannot say which characters I sympathised with the most without spoiling the book, so I will push that aside. However, she did have me rooting for many of the characters, and Will was so frustrating that by the end I felt like I wanted to both hug him and smack him across the face.

Overall, I believe I am going to give this one 3.5 out of 5 stars. I would give it 4, but as I said in my Goodreads review the overuse of similes and metaphors really did start to grate my nerves. I will definitely be reading the other two books in this trilogy, and am glad I decided to try it.


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