VERY LATE November and Black Friday Haul Part One

Sorry this is so late. I was in a big slump from filming in November and December. I did film this in November but I didn’t edit it until today. D: I hope you enjoy!


December Wrap up and January TBR

In December I was able to finish 5 books which lead me to end the year with 40 books read. This was not my orgnial good reads goal but I am happy that I was able to make 40 books!

To kick off the new year I am slowly going to try out new ways to improve my TBR piles. I think my problems with a TBR each month is that I pick all these books that I do want to read but get very frustrated when I am unable to read all the books on my TBR. So this year I will be doing Top 3’s.

Basically at the beginning of each month for my Top 3 I will chose 3 books that I real want to read in that moment. If I no longer want to read these books in a few weeks I can chose a different Top 3. This should be bale to help me still have a TBR for each month but also not get as frustrated as I have been.

2016 Goals

This year I did not make a lot of reading goals. I have a lot of personal goals that I really want to achieve this year and I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with a ton of reading goals as well. So this year I have two reading goals.

  1. My goodreads goal.

My goodreads goal for this year is 50 books. I was able to read 40 books in 2015 so I think I can read 10 more. And who knows maybe this will be a great reading year and I’ll read more than 50!

2. TBR Challenge

Last year and in 2014 I had a TBR jar where each month I picked a book out of he jar to read. The problem with this is that I wouldn’t want to read that book at the time because maybe I wanted to read fantasy┬áinstead of contemporary. This lead me discouraged and sad and with HUGE TBR pile still. So this year I am going to try the TBR challenge.

There are 12 challenges, one for each month. It can be anything to read a book that was written in your birth year to read a new release of this year. Once I get my TBR jar all fixed up I will share the challenges with you! ­čśÇ

What are your 2016 goals for this year?