Well Hey,

I know I know WHERE THE HECK HAVE I BEEN? Work that’s where. But I am determined to blog EVERY DAY IN NOVEMBER FOR NANOWRIMO. I want to give you daily updates on how everything is going.

So let’s talk about that I am writing. You may notice that the title is the same as last year. (or two years ago? I’ve lost track of time 😛 )

This time around I am not going to force Honey to come out. He needs to tell this story not mean. Which mean this novel is going to be a mixture of things. Song lyrics, doodles, poetry, random thoughts, and of course his stay of how he turned his life around.

I think having a mixture of different things will show you who Honey is as well as help me explain his mind. Because ehe isn’t all there sometimes.

I hope you guys enjoy this ride. 😀