Review: Into The Woods

Ok so I had no clue what to expect from Into The Woods. All I knew was it had some princesses such as Cinderella in it.
Let me start off saying they had a fantastic cast. Everyone in the cast even the extras where witty and wonderful. They couldn’t have found anyone better. From Little Red Ridding Hood to the Witch, the cast was amazing.
Second I had no clue that this movie was a musical. I figured it would have music because is a Disney movie but not like a musical.
So here are my thoughts. Just so we are clear everyone will look at this movie differently.
I enjoyed the beginning of the movie. And then it felt like half way threw the writers didn’t know where to go. So they threw in some stuff hoping it would be good and ended up falling flat. I did not like the ending.
We start off with seeing these fairy tales start like the stories go. Little Red Ridding Hood off to see her grandma. Jack from Jack and the bean stock going to sell his cow. Cinderella trying to finish her chores so she can go to the ball. One new story we see too, the Baker and his wife.
The Baker and his wife are visited by a witch who tells of how she cursed the bakers father and his son for stealing from her garden. But the witch needs help. She needs a few items and in return would give the Baker and his wife a child.
Along the way we see these characters start to think for themselves in a sort of sarcastic way. For example: how everyone wants Cinderella to be smarter and more independent will she develops that. Or how Jack learns how to grow up. It all happens in the woods.
So they all go into the woods.
All in all for my rating if this was like goodreads I give this movie a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Like I said I really enjoyed the first half f this movie but hated the ending.


I tried to write this without spoilers but because of how much detail I went in I have a few. So this is your warning to not read the rest of this. You have been warned.
About half way threw the movie when you think that the comedy and plot is wonderful it gets stuck.
Jack kills the giants husband and she comes down to find who did it. This is where I felt it became boring and quiet honestly stupid. The characters sit for about 20 minutes blaming each other (in song) about why their wishes never came true.
I think what really got to me in this movie was not only the unnecessary deaths for over half the cast (yes they die in unsad and stupid ways) but also the language. In one of the first songs the witch is telling a story of how the Bakers father steals from her garden and uses the word “rape.: Excuse me? Rape? This is why kids on online video games think its ok to throw that word around so lightly. “He raped me.” NO HE DIDNT HE TOOK YOUR BEANS. WHEN DID TAKING BEANS BECOME RAPE? To add to this Jack talks about how the giants wife held him to her breasts. Why? What was a 10 – 12 year old boy doing in-between the boobs of a women in a sexual manner?
To finish the movie the last song is about how we shouldn’t lie to our children about Cinderella and other fairy tales. Sure I loved Cinderella when I was growing up and look at me. I don’t have a boyfriend and haven’t for 22 years because I don’t expect nor want a prince charming. I want to be able to fend for myself. Cinderella isn’t corrupting our kids we are by teaching them that one a day prince will come.


Review: Mockingjay Part 1

I have seen Mockingjay part 1 twice now and have a lot of pros than cons about it. I really enjoyed mockingjay both times and thought they did a really great job on it. As book lovers a lot of us can not make up our minds on mockingjay. Some of us thought the book was to short and then thought the movie was to long. I personally loved the book except the last 20 or so pages and I really loved the movie and thought they did a wonderful job.

District 13 was everything I had thought it was and so much more. The characters not only Katniss and Peeta where made so well. But I thought they did a wonderful job on Peetas face as he changed, especially in the last few scenes. Bravo to whoever was Peeta’s make-up artist.

I loved the extra scenes they added. It gave the movie even more action and we got to see how the rebels where rebelling instead of just having someone say “blah blah rebel attacks blah blah…” you actually get to see them. Each attack made my heart skip a beat. They where wonderfully done.

Jennifer Lawerence in my eyes was flawless of course.

The only scene I really wish had been done with more emotion was when Finnick confessed what he was to the capital. I feel like that was such a shocking part in the book that I was hoping to have the same shock factor in the movie but I didn’t.

I wish the movie hadn’t ended. I could have sat there for 2 more hours to see the rest of it. Now I have to wait a year. 😦 But I have a feeling that Part 2 is going to be so freaking good!

The last very small thing I had a issue with was the title. Unlike all movies where the title comes out in nice letters with a theme song announcing the movie is starting, the title was represented in normal Times Roman Font. Nothing special. That really pissed me off. This is a awesome movie and it deserves a normal opening title scene. I feel like it was just laziness behind the title. This isn’t a movie at sun dance and I’m not spending $12.50 for nothing.

Overall if we are talking on a goodreads scale (5 being the highest) I give the movie Mockingjay Part one a 4.95 out of 5 stars.

Review: St. Vincent

I usually do not do movie reviews because I don’t go to the movies a lot. But I recently went and saw St. Vincent mainly because Melissa McCarthy was in it. For star ratings I will do the same type of rating I would use for books. 5 stars is the highest you can give an I gave this movie 5 out of 5 stars.

Going into the movie and from seeing the trailers I knew it wasn’t going to be a comedy. It takes a serious tone and is beautifully done. I loved everyone in the cast and enjoyed the plot.

Meet Maggie and Oliver. They just moved into a new house because Maggie and her husband are getting a divorced. Unfortunately they moved into the house next to Vincent, a veteran who is not so nice. He gambles and drinks and is broke. When Maggie needs a babysitter for Oliver, Vincent sees this as a opportunity to earn some much needed cash. But what he gains is a friendship with a little boy. And when Vincent needs them the most, Oliver and Maggie are there to help.

What makes a Saint? This is the idea behind the story. That you can find greatness in the most unlikely people.

I highly recommend this movie to everyone. It is brilliant. One of the best movies I have seen all year. I have added the trailer to this review so you can watch it. 😀

Music Monday: Half a Mockingjay

This week something big happens for all of us Hunger Games fangirls and fanboys and everything in between. MOCKINGJAY PART 1 TICKETS GO ON SALE!!!!! It’s almost here! On October 29th Americans can purchase tickets for Mockingjay part 1 which will come out in just about another month. To get us pumped I have here a special spotifiy playlist with one song. This song has not been released in America yet. It is Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde which will be in the Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Books into Reality.

I know when I read I try to make the characters of a book look like they are described. But my blond haired emerald eyed hunk is defensibly different than my best friends blond haired emerald eyed hunk. And that is where some of these books that are being turned into movies or TV shows have issues with how to please their audience. Another issue that comes about is how the audience expects the movie to be spot on with the book. Recently the idea of the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare has rumored around the internet space that instead of continuing the books be turned into movies, they may be becoming a TV series. This is what I want to talk about today. Please note as we explore this world of books turning into media that my opinion and ideas are not going to be everyone’s opinion and idea.

Lets start with the first book to movie transformation I had ever seen. This of course was Harry Potter. Even though the Harry Potter movies left something’s out from the books to make sure that the movies were not 4 hours long I thought that the character look alkies were pretty spot on. The acting was close to perfect and of course the use of special effects made the world come to life. Even thought the Harry Potter movies were great and created a Harry Potter reality, it also created a untold standard of movies. And thanks to Harry Potter some movies just fail at becoming as great as they could.

Take Twilight for a example. I loved the Twilight books. Sure it wasn’t the best book out there but the simple story line dragged me in and kept me hooked. However when the movie came out my dreams of Edward Colin were crushed because Edward was not the Edward I thought this sexy, shiny, handsome, blood craving vampire God would look like. My standards for the Twilight movies were high because I was hoping that the actors would look like the characters, the acting would be good and the special effects would be like Harry Potter. I do think the Twilight movies redeemed themselves in Breaking Dawn part 2 but I currently do not own any of the movies, unlike the Harry Potter movies.

Let’s look at the Hunger Games. I wanted the Hunger Games to be so much better than it was. Jennifer Lorene does make a great Katniss and they hit the plot and special effects spot on. But what really made me mad about the Hunger Games was the little things that would maybe cost $5 to change. For example when Katniss goes to get the feast item in the arena the bags in the movie did not look like the bags in the book. In the book the bags were different colors and different sizes. In the movie they were all the same size and all the same color. This is SUCH a small detail that it pisses me off that they couldn’t get it right.

I wish there was a way for use readers to give our two cents about these things that make us mad about books turned into movies. It could help the producers figure out how to go about the movies. Here’s an example: when a announcement about a book being made into a movie comes out let us vote on who should be the lead. Even if it isn’t a actor or actress we know let us help make the decision of what that character looks like. Because honestly us as readers have spent way more daydreams on these characters then a producer who had never heard of the book. Small details are as important as the big details and you can male a great film without all the scenes as long as you do it right.