NaNoWriMo Day !


Since my life is in utter chaos right now and so is Benji’s we have decided to split Nanowrimo. We decided to split the 50k word limit to 25k each. We will do a chapter each day, every other day at around 2,500 words each chapter.

I think we might just wing it. I have so far.

But here is a sneak peek! Since I have day one I figured I would share what


Time stands still.
I move through the nobles cottage quiet like a shadow. The cottage is silent other than the snoring coming from the bedroom down the hall.

It’s a little rough but intros are one of the hardest things for me to write.
Happy writing!


Sox Place – A day with homeless teens

Sox Place

Today I was asked to help out with two other team members from my work at a event. Now this event was different than many others. We were not there trying to sell prodcuts or get e companys name out there. We were there to help homeless teens and their pets.

We were set up at the pet wash station where after then teens have gotten a nice hot meal and their pets have seen the free vet, we made sure their pets got a nice clean bath.with shampoo and the works.

A lot of the pups we washed had the same story, they neer had ahd a bath before