Website Changes and Updates

I have decided to change the name and look of my blog and medias that go with it. This could take a day or two so I wanted to give everyone a heads up. I should have more updates soon.  With my one year anniversary coming up I decided to take on a more professional look to my blog and medias.


NaNoWriMo Day !


Since my life is in utter chaos right now and so is Benji’s we have decided to split Nanowrimo. We decided to split the 50k word limit to 25k each. We will do a chapter each day, every other day at around 2,500 words each chapter.

I think we might just wing it. I have so far.

But here is a sneak peek! Since I have day one I figured I would share what


Time stands still.
I move through the nobles cottage quiet like a shadow. The cottage is silent other than the snoring coming from the bedroom down the hall.

It’s a little rough but intros are one of the hardest things for me to write.
Happy writing!