January book haul.

So I stuck with my book ban pretty well. This month I received one pre order, bought two more books in a series I am currently reading, and bought two books just because. What books did you buy this month?
Wires and Nerve vol 2 by Marissa Meyer
Broken Prince and Twisted Palace by Erin Watt
Scythe by Neal Shusterman
Take my Hand by Tia Amdurer and Chris Renaud Cogswell IMG_7202.jpg



Well Hey,

I know I know WHERE THE HECK HAVE I BEEN? Work that’s where. But I am determined to blog EVERY DAY IN NOVEMBER FOR NANOWRIMO. I want to give you daily updates on how everything is going.

So let’s talk about that I am writing. You may notice that the title is the same as last year. (or two years ago? I’ve lost track of time 😛 )

This time around I am not going to force Honey to come out. He needs to tell this story not mean. Which mean this novel is going to be a mixture of things. Song lyrics, doodles, poetry, random thoughts, and of course his stay of how he turned his life around.

I think having a mixture of different things will show you who Honey is as well as help me explain his mind. Because ehe isn’t all there sometimes.

I hope you guys enjoy this ride. 😀

December Wrap up and January TBR

In December I was able to finish 5 books which lead me to end the year with 40 books read. This was not my orgnial good reads goal but I am happy that I was able to make 40 books!

To kick off the new year I am slowly going to try out new ways to improve my TBR piles. I think my problems with a TBR each month is that I pick all these books that I do want to read but get very frustrated when I am unable to read all the books on my TBR. So this year I will be doing Top 3’s.

Basically at the beginning of each month for my Top 3 I will chose 3 books that I real want to read in that moment. If I no longer want to read these books in a few weeks I can chose a different Top 3. This should be bale to help me still have a TBR for each month but also not get as frustrated as I have been.

2016 Goals

This year I did not make a lot of reading goals. I have a lot of personal goals that I really want to achieve this year and I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with a ton of reading goals as well. So this year I have two reading goals.

  1. My goodreads goal.

My goodreads goal for this year is 50 books. I was able to read 40 books in 2015 so I think I can read 10 more. And who knows maybe this will be a great reading year and I’ll read more than 50!

2. TBR Challenge

Last year and in 2014 I had a TBR jar where each month I picked a book out of he jar to read. The problem with this is that I wouldn’t want to read that book at the time because maybe I wanted to read fantasy instead of contemporary. This lead me discouraged and sad and with HUGE TBR pile still. So this year I am going to try the TBR challenge.

There are 12 challenges, one for each month. It can be anything to read a book that was written in your birth year to read a new release of this year. Once I get my TBR jar all fixed up I will share the challenges with you! 😀

What are your 2016 goals for this year?

Holiday 2015 Giveaway!



  1. Must be 18 or older or have parents permission.
  2. Must be following me since this is for my Booktube followers.
  3. This is international as long as Book Depository ships to you!
  4. How you enter: Please comment on this video. Let me know if you are entering in your comment so I know. Please limit the comments to a max of 1.


Winner will receive Six of Crows in hardback! I hope you will get the black edges but I have heard that they are limited so I am not 100% sure if they have stopped yet or not.


Good luck to everyone!